Online Market


Our Mission = Embracing , enhancing and supporting  the lives of youth and adults with developmental disabilities.

Our Vision =  A Place Where Exceptional Farmer’s Live, Work, Play and Grow!

Farmer = A person with developmental disabilities.

Our vocational programs, including the online market is an integrated hands-on work environment which provides our Farmers practical vocational and life skills so they can obtain and maintain meaningful competitive employment, whether hired in one of the Farmer’s House businesses or in the greater business community.  This is accomplished through teaching practical vocational skills in supportive environments where they  can be practiced and perfected until an individual is ready to seek competitive employment.   We also seek to educate the public and area businesses about the benefits of hiring individuals with developmental disabilities by operating our programs in the community where the public and potential employers can witness in action the vocational abilities of our Farmers and by engaging and educating area businesses about the advantages of hiring individuals with developmental disabilities.  

Our online store features quality products our families and community enjoy.  By providing you an opportunity to purchase the same outstanding products we have in our markets in Weston, Missouri you have an opportunity to support the meaningful programs we offer our Farmers.  Pricing, packaging and shipping your purchase allows our Farmers to learn important skills which can be transferred to jobs throughout the community and within our business.